Headshots for Contemporary Women

Ivy is an extraordinaraly kind and generous person that is always looking to make others laugh while being completely humble about it all. She is truly the type of person that everyone feels blessed to have in their lives. I could go on and on about her generous heart and what an amazing Mom she is but I would start to bore you I’m sure. The point is, I was surprised when she called wanting some portraits of just herself, to celebrate her 40th Birthday. I LOVED that she was taking some time aside for just her, to celebrate herself and mark this time in her life with some special portraits. She seems to think it’s all downhill from here and I couldn’t disagree with her more! Her beauty shines through her personality as well as the outside.

Ivy is like a lot of working Moms and doesn’t put all the glam and makeup on a regular basis. But with the help of the Makeup Artist and getting her hair done, she was ready to become a supermodel! She just lit up in front of the camera and we were really able to capture a large variety of headshots and personal branding for her to use throughout her business profile, social media and those that are just some gorgeous shots of her being at her best. I always tell clients when they are in my studio, it is okay to be your absolute best today, it’s okay to be beautiful and shine!  Happy 40th Ivy, I hope your portraits start you off in a year of empowerment and finding your inner strength!


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