Portraits that I love…

Lately I’ve been really looking deep into my work to find what it is that I truly love about being a portrait photographer. I suppose every Artist goes through this at one point or another. But when I look back over the work of this year, it is this image that hits the mark for me. It’s just a simple portrait of my son Caden. My beautiful boy. Photographing my children is by far my favorite portraits to create. Because there is nothing that fascinates me more than what goes on in their beautiful young minds with their wild imaginations and their hearts full of pure love. This was just a quick shot when I grabbed him running by to try a new light set up. I should have known he would give me so much more. Curled up in himself, but still letting me capture his confidence with a slight smile of “knowing”. Every detail tells a story of how we was probably running through the grass with one of his favorite pairs of socks on, to what I know to be one of his favorite t-shirts under there. A portrait that captures a young boy that will be a man in just a blink of my eye.

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