Larry Fitzgerald

It was truly a great honor of mine to meet and photograph Larry Fitzgerald. He’s a big deal here in Arizona, not only for his athletic prowess in football, but for his kind and philanthropic nature. We had the interview and photo session with him at the Whisper Rock Golf Club, which boasts some of the most wonderful sights to gaze at while you play a round. The big idea behind the interview was to showcase his growing interest in golf, which seems to have the possibility of becoming his next sport. He’s dedicated his entire career to playing for the Cardinals, and he’s had an incredible run so far, sure to go down as one of the greats. Golf has been a passion of Larry’s for a few years now, and I loved the privilege of capturing his skill and love for the sport.

Even though we were on a time crunch, I was still able to get some marvelous photos that really captured who Larry is. We went out on the green for some action shots, and indoors in the club for some posed shots as well. My favorite pictures, though, were in the old locker room inside. There weren’t very many of us around, and he seemed to really relax and open up, allowing me to get the shots that I was looking for. It must be difficult being surrounded by so many people on shoots, and in public life, so we wanted to make sure he was in an atmosphere he was comfortable in. A week prior he had done a big photo shoot with Nike, so in a quieter setting with fewer eyes on him, it made sense that he was able to relax and let us get more of glimpse of who he is when the lights aren’t on him.

The reason we had limited time in the photo shoot was due to Larry having to drive some distance to pick up his son from school. When I wondered why he would choose a school so far away for his kids, he had said that he would drive whatever distance to ensure his children attend the right school for them. That’s the real Larry, a loving and caring man who will do anything for those he loves. His life revolves around his children, and he’d describe himself as no different than any other parent, wanting his kids to grow up as healthy and honest people, contributing something positive in the world. It’s the goal of all great parents to raise your kids to be better than yourselves, and Larry is a great example.

Larry Fitzgerald only does about three or four photo sessions a year, so it was truly a great honor to work with him in one of them. Getting to know him as much as I did in the shoot gave me an even deeper respect and admiration for him, and I think I’ve become a bigger fan! As much of a star he is, he’s still just a regular guy who loves his family, and happens to be an incredible athlete at the same time. I came to photograph a sports legend, and left having met a kind, patient and hard-working man. Days like these are the reason I love my job so much.

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