"These photographs are my treasures. My little sacred pieces that tell my story, my history, where I come from and who my roots belong to. What will you leave your children?" - Loralei Lazurek

Fine Portraiture should be a legacy for your loved ones to hold onto. A piece of Art that is passed down through the generations. Whether it tell a story in a certain location or a classic timeless studio portrait. Slow down and take the time to capture this moment.

Loralei Lazurek

Some say you find your passions early on in life…that was certainly true for portrait artist Loralei Lazurek. She remembers standing in her mother’s darkroom, deep in the basement of their family home in Southside Chicago, and watching photos develop into memories. As a youngster, her love for the arts and creative work continued to blossom, and she was often painting, drawing, and beginning her own burgeoning photographic work. Both her grandfather and mother were photographers, and her transition to continue their legacy was very natural.


When she reached college, she continued to pursue what it seemed she was destined to do; studying at the School of Arts Institute in Chicago, and spent the next several years studying under some of the best photography professors in Chicago and Arizona. Although she had some of the best education, there are some things that cannot be taught…they are simply inherent. Her distinctive photographic style began garnering her attention in the industry, and in 2006, she opened her full-time photography studio. In the twelve years since the studio opened it’s doors, hundreds of priceless memories have been privy to her lens. Her extensive portfolio includes commercial print and editorial shoots, and she currently works with ImagesAZ Magazine, where she shoots the majority of their stunning cover images.


Experience and quality are truly the cornerstones of Loralei’s impressive photographic career. Her signature style is marked by crisp, clean, and warm images that evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression on those who see them. Although her portraits have a timeless quality, she is always looking for innovative ways to infuse personality and passion into every shoot.


Loralei specializes in fine-art portrait photography of all types, and values the fact that she is curating images that will last for generations.


Photographer + Owner

Karen McNichols

Karen's career in sales and office management has been instrumental in achieving the House of Loralei mission. She brings exceptional organization and management skills. Overcoming challenges, meeting deadlines and pleasing clients are her specialties. Pride in details and her love of art made her a perfect addition to our team. Karen believes, "Loralei's photojournalistic approach in capturing her clients' personality is truly unique. HoL has lifetime clients because Loralei becomes a part of their lives."


Studio Manager

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602.795.0555 • Phoenix, AZ


602.795.0555 • Phoenix, Arizona